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Social TV: an exciting year ahead

Parents, teachers and politicians once saw that the rise of TV could possibly lead to the decline of social interaction altogether. They feared the social implications of families spending more time huddled around the small screen rather … Continue reading

Apple losing ground in mobile, Nielsen expands Twitter integration and m-commerce value rising

Android making ground
Surprising statistics have revealed that Android is set to topple Apple as king of the smartphone in the coming years, with Google’s popular platform predicted to capture more than 50% of the US smartphone market. … Continue reading

Mobile device usage booming, children turning to tablets and mobile marketing across cultures

Olympics highlights mobile revolution
Spurred on by the recent Olympic Games, the usage of mobile phones for viewing online content and accessing apps has reached record highs, we read this week. It was reported that the BBC handled an im… Continue reading

On-Pack & In-Store Mobile Marketing Promotions