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Social media is coming of age

A recent report by global information and measurement company Nielsen and NM Incite has cast a light on the growing influence of social networks on consumer choice.
In the State of the Media: The Social Media Report 2012, social media is … Continue reading

Mobile devices: the future of social networking

Social media is radically transforming the way consumers are engaging with brands. New research from Nielsen and NM Incite has shown that consumers’ purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by the growth of the mobile device mar… Continue reading

Social media: engage for profit

Social media has become the buzzword of the 21st century business world, with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin already competing fiercely with print media and television as the most effective marketing platforms.
Nothing has demonstrated th… Continue reading

Second-screen activity proves mobile marketing more essential than ever

Nothing has been more effective in demonstrating the value of a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy this summer than two of the world’s biggest sporting events; Euro 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics. Social media consumption and th… Continue reading

Social media on the rise, mobile voting apps under fire and mobile purchases growing

Social media trumping traditional SEO
Recently we read that a new algorithm update by search engine giants Google could prove to be a game changer in the digital marketing arena. News has emerged that Google bosses are now giving greater… Continue reading

What is Social TV?

The digital switchover, connected TVs and over-the-top (OTT) content services are all important broadcast industry developments, but maybe the most important new trend to establish itself and stimulate the greatest volume of discussion in broadcast has been the evolution of … Continue reading

On-Pack & In-Store Mobile Marketing Promotions