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Businesses set to spend more on mobile marketing technology in 2013

With the world of mobile marketing opening up new avenues for increasing sales it is important for businesses and clients to understand how consumers are engaging with new technology. Accurate insights into their online activity will affo… Continue reading

Rising markets for mobile marketing

The mobile arena has undoubtedly been one of the biggest technological success stories of the 21st Century, and its stellar growth over the past few years has culminated in record growth figures for 2012.
A new report from market leading … Continue reading

Changing technology, changing opportunities

The 21st Century has seen a period of non-stop innovation and changing technology, creating both new markets and ever expanding opportunities for those willing to engage with consumers in the digital sphere.
In fact, new research from ven… Continue reading

Consumer engagement driving sales, second screening on the rise and small businesses adopting mobile marketing

Consumer engagement boosting sales
New research by LoyaltyOne that indicates a strong link between consumer engagement and a rise in profitability caught our eye this week.
This study was based on a two year analysis of Canada’s Air Mi… Continue reading

SMS: the future of mobile marketing

In a technology market dominated by smartphones, mobile optimised web pages and email marketing campaigns, the simplicity and versatility of SMS marketing as a mobile marketing tool has been somewhat forgotten. Recently, however, there ha… Continue reading

UK mobile market growing apace

Whilst the most tech literate brands and companies are already working hard to develop an effective mobile marketing strategy, recent figures have shown that those who are failing to do so risk missing out on a growing market that shows n… Continue reading

Coca-Cola Games strategy demonstrates shift in marketing focus

In sporting events of recent years, companies and brands would spend millions developing their advertising strategy, bidding for the best television ad spots and prime billboard locations in order to get their message across and draw in c… Continue reading

Second-screen activity proves mobile marketing more essential than ever

Nothing has been more effective in demonstrating the value of a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy this summer than two of the world’s biggest sporting events; Euro 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics. Social media consumption and th… Continue reading

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