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In the fast-changing technological landscape, assessing the best technologies to adopt in achieving your business objectives is a constant challenge, never mind keeping up with all the changes. That’s where Spoke can help. We offer strategic expertise on all ‘current’ and imminent interactive technologies, platforms and channels, helping our clients to make decisions on technology adoption that’s right for their business and that reflects the changing behaviour of their customers.

We stay abreast of future trends and so can offer our expert advice, not just on technology that’s right for now but also technology that we believe will be best six months or two years down the line. We don’t believe in using technology simply to wow your customers. First and foremost we advise on and provide technology that’s going to generate results; whether that is consumer customer insight, loyalty or ROI.

Expert Advice, Implementation & Extracting ROI

We offer advice on all new interactive technology adoption including social network presence, companion apps and mobile vouchering. We can also implement these technologies, providing either white-labelled solutions or building bespoke platforms and assets. But for Spoke it’s more than that; we want to help you to extract ROI from technology adoption or to create value-added sales opportunities in the case of media owners, by providing technologies which benefit your advertisers. We believe that if technology isn’t delivering your objectives, you shouldn’t be using it.

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