Multimedia Integration

Multimedia integration expertise from Spoke

Integrated multi-media solutions

Fully integrating your multimedia activities ensures that you seamlessly connect with customers across multiple platforms, including ‘traditional media’, digital media and social media, deeply developing your brand message using every media channel to increase engagement. Multimedia integration is about putting all the right pieces together in the right way, to achieve your goals and maximise engagement.

Spoke’s strategic experts can help you with your multimedia integration, focusing on the following key areas:

- Assessment

As a first step, we’ll assess your current multimedia activities, consumer interfaces and revenue objectives across all media channels and platforms.

- Strategic Planning

We‘ll then work with you to strategically plan the necessary steps and any technological development required to achieve effective integration of all your different media activities.

- Multimedia Implementation & Management

Then we’ll implement a tactical delivery of your integrated channel activities. We can also offer full service management for each channel, limiting the strain on your own internal resource investment.

- Insight & CRM

Our back-end data aggregation platforms create, among other things, a responder database that recognises consumers by channel and activity, enabling intelligent customer relationship management (CRM). This allows us to further determine the optimum media channels for each individual customer by activity, so that we can fully integrate your campaigns and channels to deliver the best results and ensure full consumer engagement.

For more info on how we can help with your multimedia integration, contact the team.

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