Analysis & Insight

analysis and insight from spoke

Expert insight from years of analysis

Not only do our clients benefit from the strategic expertise of Spoke’s people, they also benefit from our expert analysis and insight, drawn from trends revealed in thousands of live campaigns we’ve run and our deep involvement with various industry bodies. This service underpins a range of our mobile and telephony services.

Continuous analysis and customer insight are essential parts of any engagement strategy or campaign, guiding initial development decisions and ongoing improvements. We offer:

  • Assessment of our client’s current consumer engagement strategies and campaigns.
  • Evaluation of industry developments and the commercial ecosystem.
  • Consumer and audience behaviour trends and analysis, including usage by device, gender, age and location, to help improve engagement.
  • ‘Futurology’ – we help our clients to predict, prepare for and profit in the coming years.

Spoke don’t provide engagement solutions to simply wow your customers. Our solutions are designed to wow and work, whatever your objectives.

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