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For Broadcasters and Experiential Marketers

Spoke provide innovative & effective voting solutions that increase audience engagement and create new revenue streams. Whether by phone, text, voice shortcode or managing in-app voting we cover it all.

Voting has been a big aspect of participation television in recent years and Spoke have been providing bespoke voting solutions for many of the large broadcasters and production companies since the early days of reality TV voting. We’ve worked on shows such as Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing and the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as with large brands and print media owners looking to implement voting into their participation marketing and editorial campaigns.


Spoke offer a one-stop shop for all participation media technologies, including implementation and management of multiplatform voting mechanics. We offer end-to-end service management with a dedicated Interactive Solutions Manager, a Compliance Manager, an in-house customer service team and support from our in-house tech team who will also co-ordinate management of any other third party technologies, to ensure the smooth running of your programmes or campaigns.

Not only can we implement and manage voting mechanics across all platforms, Vote Command, our multi-platform vote aggregator, is the only platform available that enables real-time aggregation of votes from all channels. Our voting mechanics include:

SMS Voting

A simple, fast and convenient way for consumers to vote, wherever they are. Many prefer text over calling and so SMS or MMS is a great way to remove any barriers and generate ROI.

Voice / IVR Voting

For those who prefer to call, as well as offering standard premium rate numbers, you can now offer clear price transparency with Voice Short Codes. Short code numbers are routed to our system and monitored in real time using our vote aggregation platform, Vote Command.

Social Media Voting

Enable voting via Facebook with the purchase of Facebook credits or offer a free vote via Twitter. Social media voting enables your consumers to engage via a channel that some people prefer and some will find the most convenient at that point in time.

Bespoke Voting Apps

Spoke can also develop and fully support customized voting apps which offer a fun and exciting way for your audience to engage in a live environment, using their smartphone (offering a full second-screen experience).

Contact the Spoke team for more info on our voting solutions.

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