Voice Short Codes

Voice Short Codes - call from your mobile

“Calls from your mobile may vary” no more!

Voice Short Codes are a perfect voting solution for broadcasters and marketers looking to offer fixed, transparent pricing for all callers, providing more confidence to your audience or consumers.

Voice short codes are 5-digit numbers that can be called from a UK mobile phone instead of calling a standard premium rate number. The short code gets forwarded to a standard number, such as an IVR system or a customer service team.

Consumer benefits …

  • Memorable – your consumers are more likely to remember a 5 digit code
  • Fixed, transparent pricing – costs are clear; no variance between mobile operators
  • Convenient – easy to use and can be responded to anywhere, at any time of day or night
  • Can be free – you can choose to offer consumers a free shortcode to increase response levels

And for you…

  • Generate revenue – use shortcodes to create an additional revenue stream
  • Data capture – build a consumer database for future mobile marketing campaigns
  • Choose the rate – You choose the price band that you would like to charge, from 0p to £2p/m
  • Great for marketing – easy to promote anywhere, e.g. TV, radio, print, on-pack, literature
  • Combine your shortcodes – use the same 5 digit number for voice and SMS -offering both methods will increase response levels.


For more info on Voice Short Codes, contact the Spoke team.

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