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Second-screen – social TV

Put simply, second-screen is the use of an additional screen such as a smart phone or tablet, in addition to the television screen. It allows audiences to interact with what they are watching, becoming active in the TV experience, as opposed to passively watching the television.

Consumer adoption of connected devices such as tablets continues to rise rapidly (see image below) and recent figures from Yahoo revealed that 86% of mobile internet users are using a mobile device whilst watching TV. With this allure of endless amounts of information, online shopping, social networking and other communication, connected devices can easily become a distraction from the main TV screen.


Harnessing the second-screen opportunity

However, this multi-device usage creates a huge opportunity for broadcasters, programme makers and associated brands to tap into the growing number of TV viewers who are “second-screening” and engage them in a TV experience that harnesses, rather than competes with the activities now possible on these companion devices.

Image source: Informa Telecoms and Media

Enabling viewers to share their responses to a program in real time, search for information related to shows they’re watching or even participate in a live event, creates a stronger, more personal relationship between the audience and their TV products and by extension, the broadcaster or programme-maker that is facilitating the interaction.

How can Spoke help?

In the confusing new landscape of social TV and the emerging second-screen trend, Spoke offers practical real-world guidance on integrating social TV into your current business objectives and wider strategic goals. We can help programme makers find the right partnerships and develop services that will maintain your position as audience owners and market innovators. We  can also quickly enable advertisers to harness second-screen activity to complement your existing and future TV marketing activity by deepening audience engagement.

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