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Enhance the traditional viewing experience and deepen the connection with your audience


Spoke have years of experience in creating and managing audience participation and interaction, deploying a wide range of participation media solutions such as voting mechanics, text-to-screen, alerts and chat… the digital revolution has brought TV and radio a long way during that time and Spoke have kept pace all the way, maintaining our expertise in current technologies and trends.

Social media is perhaps the most important new trend to establish itself and stimulate discussion in the broadcast industry, not least of all the debate as to exactly what ‘Social TV’ is.

Social TV is…

Spoke define Social TV as the broad environment within which content, interaction and discussion come together to enhance the traditional viewing experience and deepen the viewer’s connection with the content or broadcaster. For more info about Social TV, read our Social TV blog.

We advise and assist TV and radio broadcasters, rights owners and programme makers on how to deepen audience engagement as well as work with brands looking to maximise engagement with their consumers through these emerging mediums.

Define your Social TV objectives

Everyone is keen to exploit the ‘social opportunity’ but before diving-in it’s important to understand what your objectives are from the outset. For example, programme makers or broadcasters may want to enable discovery and build communities around non-linear content or to enhance and reinforce live TV by allowing viewers to access, share and contribute to a stream of related content from asecond screen’. Or advertisers may look to exploit the deeper interaction possible through association with Social TV content.

Spoke provide expertise in these emerging mediums, working with leading broadcasters such as Channel 5 and the BBC and top TV shows such as Big Brother and The Eurovision Song Contest, where audience participation is key.

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