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Optimize potential ROI with Mobile CRM

Data-driven marketing

For those looking to take their SMS marketing one step further, Mobile CRM enables you to release the full potential of your contact and customer data in order to optimize the potential ROI and release the full potential of your database.

Mobile CRM is essentially data-driven marketing. Our mobile CRM platform recognises and aggregates responses from all your mobile marketing campaigns and then profiles and categorises the data, before deploying the optimum response based on a pre-determined contact strategy.

Our Mobile CRM platform enables you to incentivise, recognise and reward customer loyalty. For example, the platform could send a mobile voucher to every customer who has interacted with your company 5 times or more within the last 3 months.


  • Recognises loyalty
  • Encourages optimal ROI from your contact database
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Spoke’s end-to-end service management means minimal resource investment
  • Ongoing mobile marketing with zero strain on your own resources


For more information on our Mobile CRM platform and how we can implement mobile CRM for you, contact the Spoke team.

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