Top Ten Tips for Mobile Marketing

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Get the best out of ‘Message Marketer’ with our tips for success

1. Each message should be as unique as the individual receiving it, so why not personalise each message? Building up unique customer profiles will ensure your campaigns are more relevant to your consumers, helping to drive better results through more personalised campaigns.

2. Have a strong call-to-action and be direct. Mobile marketing provides fast results because of its immediacy, don’t detract from this by making messages too long. Grab the attention of your consumers by sending relevant actionable content to drive conversions. You could consider using short URL’s as a call-to-action, linked to a mobile-optimised HTML5 landing pages to send rich media content such as images, sound and video to bring your campaigns to life and add another dimension to your marketing.

3. Timing is everything. The timing of your campaigns is the difference between success and failure. You need to ensure you work with a provider who has the throughput to process your volume of messages quickly, because if the messages don’t get delivered in real-time and are delayed, the relevancy decreases and they could do more harm than good.

4. Avoid duplication, make sure you manage your database properly, and avoid texting the same mobile marketing messages to the same people consecutively. Keep your communication fresh and engaging.

5. Create a Genuine Value Offer. Your customers need to feel that they are getting something that others aren’t when you approach them with an SMS. Your value offering needs to be compelling. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if you were interested in receiving and taking action on the SMS yourself? If the answer is yes, you are very likely to enjoy a great response rate. If the answer is no, you might wish to reconsider the value offering in the message.

6. Create a relationship with consumers. Brand loyalty and repeat business is earned. Use SMS for more than sales and promotional offers by building a relationship with your consumers. SMS is highly effective for order and payment confirmations. You can also gain valuable customer feedback by creating a mobile survey or poll using the HTML5 tool in Message Marketer.

7. Measure your success. Having a specific call-to-action is essential, but it should also be measurable. With Message Marketer you can easily track the success of your delivery, such as how many people received your message and how many people opted-out. These statistics are a good guideline as to how successful your campaign is, but there are many additional measurement techniques that you could use.

8. Gain the users trust. Make sure that you clearly identify your company, and provide an opt-out route. This is a legal requirement, including a STOP shortcode in the SMS makes for the best practice (txt STOP to 80000).

9. Target your audience. The mobile phone is a highly personal medium, so the better you target your customers the greater the results. For example, a retail store will get the best results by promoting a specific store nearest to the mobile recipient.

10. Clean your database. It can prove be very expensive if you keep sending messages to old numbers. Make sure you regularly check and remove the numbers that can’t be reached to save both your precious time and money. As a rule of thumb, if 2-3 messages show up as ‘undelivered’ remove them from your database

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