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Create, maintain and grow your own mobile database with Spoke

Guide to creating, maintaining & growing your own mobile contact database

The response to any campaign is totally reliant on the quality of your data. With this in mind we have put together a short guide to help you create, maintain and grow your own database.

Buying or developing your database

There are three ways to create your own database:
- Collect mobile number manually
- Purchase data
- Collect mobile numbers using an inbound campaign (keyword & short code)

Collecting mobile numbers manually

The likelihood is that you already hold a number of mobile numbers for existing and lapsed customers. These numbers are ideal to add your contact database. You should make growing your database something that is integrated into as many of your business processes as possible. When new orders or queries come in always be sure to collect their mobile number and add it to Spoke’s Message Marketer (click here), making sure you obtain permission first.

Purchasing data

There are various companies you can buy data from. This is data from individuals who have opted in with another company and have agreed for their data to be shared with third parties. This is a perfectly legal and compliant way to acquire data. The downside to buying data is that there is a chance that the people on the database may not have heard of your company or have a need for your services and as such may see your approach as a ‘cold contact’. Essentially you can expect lower response rates from‘bought’ data than you would from your own database.

Collecting data using inbound campaigns

Inbound campaigns provide an easy way for people to text into your business and in the process you capture their mobile number. Spoke provide you with a keyword for users to text into a five digit short code. The keyword is chosen by the client. Below are suggestions on how to collect numbers using a short code:

Discount Codes Encourage users to text into your short code to receive special offers or discounts
Offers and Promotions Users text into a shortcode to be added to your list to receive information on all future offers and promotions
Competitions – Create a competition where users text in their answer to your short code for a chance to win a prize
Information requests – People text into a short code to be added to your contact list
Brochure requests – encourage users to text in to your shortcode with their email details so you can send them the brochure/information directly to their email account. You then acquire both their email address AND mobile number


You can’t send a text message to anyone unless they have agreed to it; except if:
- The sender has obtained the details through or in the negotiation of a sale
- The messages are about similar products or services offered by the sender; and
- You were given the opportunity to opt out when your details were first collected and in any subsequent text messages

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