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Spoke can advise you on all possible donation solutions and help you decide on the optimum mix of mobile donation and credit card donation solutions for the best results.

Mobile Donations

Mobile donations are becoming an increasingly significant part of a charities bottom line. They enable you to reach a new audience willing to donate, who may otherwise not have been able or willing to donate at all. According to research from Charities Aid Foundation, 58% of 18-24 year olds expressed interest in using their mobile for giving to charity. You’ll also benefit from mobile network operators waiving their usual fees, as well as VAT exemptions. Spoke are experts in:

  • SMS shortcodes – text a 5 digit number to donate (choose different numbers for different donation amounts).
  • Voice Short Codes – call a 5 digital number to donate (connects to an IVR system & allows fixed pricing).
  • Mobile donation apps – bespoke apps built for smartphones that enable secure donations.


Credit Cards Donations

Whilst mobile donations are often an important part of any donation campaign, credit card donations, using either automated or live agent solutions, should also be considered. Statistically, card payments result in much higher value donations and on average, opt-in for Gift-Aid is generally at a rate of 70-80% of donations, providing substantial additional revenue.

  • Automated Donations

Spoke’s automated donation service enables enquiries, transactions or payments to be processed without the caller needing to talk to a call centre, significantly reducing your costs.

Our tried and tested infrastructure can manage over 650,000 calls an hour and up to 8,000 calls simultaneously, ensuring that none are missed, no matter how unpredictable the circumstances. We have processed several £Million of credit card donations over the past few years, for many different charities.

Our automatic donation platform:

- includes Gift-Aid opt-in data capture
- enables scripts to be bespoke
- captures further supporter information or opt-ins for marketing purposes
- supports CAF supporter donations 

  • Live Agent Donations

Spoke can provide a full live agent solution to charities; as part of a stand alone requirement or alongside automated services to ensure potential donations aren’t missed. We understand that scalability is often a key requirement to charities during busy campaign periods and offering multiple solutions will help to maximize response.

One of our core live agent donation services is a unique call centre product that allows agents to take donations without having visibility of the caller’s card data, ensuring full security for your supporters and providing you with full DSS PCI compliance. Charities can therefore outsource donation requirements to Spoke with secure knowledge that their supporter’s data is safe. Read more on our secure payment processing.

For more information on our charity solutions, contact the Spoke team.

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