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Coca-Cola Games strategy demonstrates shift in marketing focus

In sporting events of recent years, companies and brands would spend millions developing their advertising strategy, bidding for the best television ad spots and prime billboard locations in order to get their message across and draw in c… Continue reading

Are Shazam style apps the end of bespoke second screen apps?

Bespoke apps that give television viewers access to extra content are one of the success stories of the move towards social TV, with a range of apps now available in conjunction with all sorts of TV programs, from Britain’s Got Talent … Continue reading

Making the most of mobile vouchers

It’s no secret that offering discounts and coupons is a great way of driving product sales, both by setting yourself apart from the competition and tempting customers into your stores. Now, however, mobile vouchers are coming out in for… Continue reading

Increase traffic, reach new markets and optimise CTR – Why you need a mobile website

Recent stats show that over 80% of businesses still don’t have a mobile optimized website, despite the commercial opportunities they bring. So, to highlight the importance for your business, we’ve pulled together our top 10 reasons to have a mobile website: 1. Normal websites don’t … Continue reading

Industry News Round-up- New technologies to provide boost for UK businesses and Google develops mobile ads

eBay report reveals new technologies to boost UK retail This week we found a fascinating new report on the potential impact of new technologies on UK retail sales. Commissioned by online auctioneers and digital retail giants eBay, the report suggested that the … Continue reading

Driving Consumer Engagement in a Mobile World

Consumer engagement has always been a key principle for building a successful business, but with today’s mobile and tech-savvy generation, forging a meaningful relationship with consumers can be make or break. A strategy for consumer engagement can encompass a huge range … Continue reading

Mobile strategy: Why does your business need one?

Despite burgeoning evidence that a mobile strategy can pay serious dividends, it’s recently emerged that as many as 80% of brands do not even have a mobile optimised website. Developing a strong mobile strategy might not seem like a high priority to … Continue reading

INDUSTRY NEWS ROUND-UP – Time Inc. goes digital, Heineken extols virtue of mobile marketing and charity embraces mobile

INDUSTRY NEWS ROUND-UP Time Inc. on the Newsstand Publishing giant Time Inc., parent company of the UK’s IPC Media, has taken the next steps towards a coherent print to digital strategy, making all 20 of its popular titles available for … Continue reading

On-Pack & In-Store Mobile Marketing Promotions