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Consumer engagement driving sales, second screening on the rise and small businesses adopting mobile marketing

Consumer engagement boosting sales
New research by LoyaltyOne that indicates a strong link between consumer engagement and a rise in profitability caught our eye this week.
This study was based on a two year analysis of Canada’s Air Mi… Continue reading

How content marketing became King

The past few years and months has seen a heavy shift in focus for digital marketers, who are now aiming to improve the consumer’s experience through a finely-tuned content marketing strategy.
This development has come as part of a n… Continue reading

Social media: engage for profit

Social media has become the buzzword of the 21st century business world, with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin already competing fiercely with print media and television as the most effective marketing platforms.
Nothing has demonstrated th… Continue reading

Digital watermark competition winner announced

Congratulations to Les O’Dea from Comic Relief who is now the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone 5 after entering our digital watermark competition from Mobile Marketing Live.       Les scanned the competition flyer using the Fetch digital … Continue reading

SMS: the future of mobile marketing

In a technology market dominated by smartphones, mobile optimised web pages and email marketing campaigns, the simplicity and versatility of SMS marketing as a mobile marketing tool has been somewhat forgotten. Recently, however, there ha… Continue reading

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