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Coca-Cola Games strategy demonstrates shift in marketing focus

In sporting events of recent years, companies and brands would spend millions developing their advertising strategy, bidding for the best television ad spots and prime billboard locations in order to get their message across and draw in c… Continue reading

Are Shazam style apps the end of bespoke second screen apps?

Bespoke apps that give television viewers access to extra content are one of the success stories of the move towards social TV, with a range of apps now available in conjunction with all sorts of TV programs, from Britain’s Got Talent … Continue reading

Mobile device usage booming, children turning to tablets and mobile marketing across cultures

Olympics highlights mobile revolution
Spurred on by the recent Olympic Games, the usage of mobile phones for viewing online content and accessing apps has reached record highs, we read this week. It was reported that the BBC handled an im… Continue reading

Second-screen activity proves mobile marketing more essential than ever

Nothing has been more effective in demonstrating the value of a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy this summer than two of the world’s biggest sporting events; Euro 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics. Social media consumption and th… Continue reading

Is the Interactive Industry Changing For Ever?

It seems like a lifetime ago that X Factor, Millionaire and many other TV shows were generating truly gigantic revenues from viewer participation. If that’s the case with TV then it was genuinely another century when newspapers and magazines could … Continue reading

Mobile marketing in the third sector

Mobile marketing has been a hot topic for profit-generating businesses in the last few years. Now we’re also seeing the charities who’ve invested in mobile charitable marketing enjoy real rewards, whilst others are slowly bei… Continue reading

Social media on the rise, mobile voting apps under fire and mobile purchases growing

Social media trumping traditional SEO
Recently we read that a new algorithm update by search engine giants Google could prove to be a game changer in the digital marketing arena. News has emerged that Google bosses are now giving greater… Continue reading

Making the most of mobile vouchers

It’s no secret that offering discounts and coupons is a great way of driving product sales, both by setting yourself apart from the competition and tempting customers into your stores. Now, however, mobile vouchers are coming out in for… Continue reading

On-Pack & In-Store Mobile Marketing Promotions