Social mobile campaigns on the rise, mobile app revenues reaching record levels and tablet mobile traffic growing

Social campaigns on the rise

We were interested to find that mobile marketing advocates have seen themselves vindicated recently following a new study by Rhythm NewMedia revealed that the number of social mobile campaigns grew by a staggering 430% over the past 12 months. This growth was attributed to increased social network usage and the growing tendency for consumers to engage in second-screen activity.

Mobile video campaigns grew significantly, with the study recording an average 36% rise in engagement rates. The greater use of mobile video on social networks has become a major theme for mobile marketers over the past few years, with widespread adoption of sophisticated smartphone technology making the medium accessible to a vast number of consumers. Taking advantage of the trend, 24% of marketing departments now use social media in their mobile campaigns.

Social media’s suitability for a video-based mobile marketing campaign is seen as a key method of boosting consumer engagement. The study found that a large number of social network users actively use devices to seek exclusive content and brand information. Large companies are therefore provided with a captive audience, boosting conversion rates and raising brand awareness amongst key demographics.

Mobile apps cashing in

Those who have invested heavily in mobile applications will have found this week’s predictions from the Gartner research group intriguing. Gartner predicts that revenues generated exclusively through mobile apps will reach an impressive $25 billion by the end of 2013 as apps increase in number across all platforms.

Smartphone owners on the two largest mobile platforms (iOS and Android), now have access to more than 1.4 million apps, with paid-for applications generating a large amount of revenue for developers and brands alike. The advent and growing popularity of “in-app purchasing” has also been a revelation for companies already in the mobile market. Consumers seem increasingly willing to spend on subscriptions and other extra content, creating revenue for savvy developers. With smartphone owners now spending at least an average of two hours a day using their apps, mobile applications offer the perfect combination of revenue generation and consumer engagement.

Android saw a phenomenal 600% increase in app revenue in 2012, but was still beaten soundly into second place by Apple. Despite the huge increase, Apple’s iOS app-store still made around 3.5 times as much as Google Play.

Tablets taking over

Tablet usage has also been growing over the past 12 months. New statistics from mobile advertising firm Jumptap show that tablets are set to account for around one third of all mobile traffic by the end of 2013, up from just 18% in 2012. These figures show consumers moving away from smartphone usage, with tablet owners increasingly likely to use their larger devices whilst engaging in second-screen activity. Tablet friendly social networks have made it easier for viewers to share their views on live TV shows without the limitations of the smaller smartphone.

The figures also reveal the growing dominance of Apple and Google in the mobile traffic arena. 2013 is expected to end with the two rivals increasing their market share by 1% each. Android is predicted to control 52% of the market by the end of the year, with iOS boasting 44%. These statistics come as unwelcome news to BlackBerry, which has seen their mobile traffic share collapse over the last two years. At 22% in 2011, Blackberry is expected to account for just 2% of the total by the end of 2013.

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