Mobile take-up set to rise, Facebook reveals top tips for charities and users turn to mobile for financial management

Mobile adoption low but rising

A new study into the number of top global brands that have adopted a formal mobile marketing strategy made for interesting reading this week, as figures showed that the number of companies embracing new technology to help foster consumer engagement remains worryingly low.

According to the study, just 16% of the top 250 global brands surveyed have developed a comprehensive mobile strategy to date, and only 14% of those are currently satisfied with their efforts. This low take-up rate means that the vast majority of the world’s leading brands are still operating without a mobile-optimised website, leaving them unprepared for the corporate world in the “post-PC” era.

Despite the figures, corporations are showing a willingness to grow in this area, with the study also revealing that 53% of Chief Marketing Officers have already started the process of implementing a mobile strategy. 51% are also investing in training and development programmes, with the aim of fostering a more mobile-focussed ethos among their staff.

Facebook lends advice to charities

Social networking giant Facebook showed their kinder side this month, after striking up partnerships designed to provide international charity groups with a number of top tips for making the most out of the social environment. An increasing amount of charitable organisations are turning to social networks as a means of generating additional income, with many seeing impressive results when combining it with an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Facebook’s Strategic Partnership Manager Libby Leffler revealed a number of key strategies for charities to pursue, whilst also highlighting the site’s innovative “Non-Profit Resource Centre”, which is designed to help charities make the most of Facebook technology. Ms. Leffler also extolled the virtues of platform integration, highlighting the past successes of charities which have developed a bespoke Facebook app to run alongside their other offerings.

In addition to these strategies, Facebook has shared tips on how charities can improve the look and feel of their existing pages. Advice included the use of a more user-friendly tone of voice, the incorporation of a photo or video on their dedicated pages and a strong focus on analytics. Facebook offers all of its page owners with an in-depth analysis of their followers, helping groups to identify the reach and impact of the content they provide.

Consumers turn to mobile for financial management

A new report by financial management software providers Quicken has revealed that consumers are increasingly looking to use their mobile devices in every aspect of their lives, with a large number starting to manage their financial affairs on the move.

The report shows that around 15% of consumers now monitor their personal banking on a tablet or smartphone, largely thanks to the explosion of finance-oriented apps and the widespread availability of mobile banking software. In addition to its convenience, many consumers are also treating mobile financial management as a way to get a better understanding of their spending habits. The study found that up to a quarter of Americans spend more than they earn on an annual basis, and are turning to mobile platforms as a way of combating this problem.

Financial activity on mobile devices has grown to include everything from quick balance checks to monthly bill payments, as more and more consumers are starting to appreciate the ability to check their finances whilst on the go. The number of people turning to their mobiles as a price comparison tool is also rising, and this presents a growing number of opportunities for mobile marketers.

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