Engaged consumers and informed shoppers

A new study conducted by Anthem Worldwide has identified a growing trend in consumer behaviour which we suspect will be pivotal to brand management in 2013. ‘Consumer Engaged, Shopper Informed vs. The Art of Skimming’ sampled 1,500 people across the US, UK and China to determine whether consumers would prefer “getting into the details” or “skimming the highlights” of potential products.

Results were varied across the countries, with US consumers holding a balanced outlook, however 61% of UK consumers and 59% of Chinese consumers felt more aligned with the sentiment that engaging deeply with brands would be preferable to skimming highlights.

With continued developments in mobile architecture and the evolution of other related platforms such as smart TVs, this research has big implications for deciding how to maximise ROI in 2013. The long-held belief that busy consumers like to economise on information, something partly driven by the bite-sized impact of media such as Twitter, may not capture the apparent demand to gain greater assurance about purchases through further research.

This position is supported by other consumer insights research including LoyaltyOne’s ‘Social Media Transaction Impact Study’ which examined how social media interaction between a consumer and a brand can drive long-term sales increases. One of the key highlights of the study concluded that longer, more elaborate posts dealing with redemption experiences (including travel and entertainment) created more engagement than shorter product-based posts.

This is testament to the fact that consumers are resorting more and more to mobile-based data sources which enable them to quickly build a picture of a product’s performance through access to reviews and other information. A survey of 1,000 consumers in the U.S. confirmed the staggering influence of mobile technology on consumer shopping behaviour as 87% of respondents claimed they reached for their mobiles when making purchasing decisions. (Check out our previous blog post on the research to learn more!)

It seems then that the age of informed shoppers is upon us and the way in which they engage with brands, particularly through mobile devices, will become increasingly influential in determining consumer spending habits in 2013. The need therefore to find interactive solutions that make the most of shopping trends will be vital to maintaining long-term growth, which is why we specialise in providing strategies that deepen consumer engagement across a wide range of digital formats.

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