Impact of mobiles on commerce surveyed, mobile web use booming and an exciting year ahead for charities

Mobile use aids real world commerce

The results of a new study into mobile commerce have made for interesting reading this week. The Interactive Advertising Board (IAB) has demonstrated that mobile devices are providing a boost for real-world commerce. Whilst between 5% and 9% of respondents revealed that they use their mobile device to buy goods online, a more substantial 28% use it to research physical purchases, and a further 18% to find store locations. Such information will certainly be of interest to companies who hold traditional retail outlet premises, but are still developing their mobile strategy.

Companies already using an innovative mobile strategy are driving the consumer-mobile relationship, with the ease of the transaction cited as a primary reason by those in the study who already use their device to shop online. The research also showed that the majority of people (53%) who use their mobile device whilst shopping in physical stores have abandoned their purchase after finding it cheaper online.

Whilst mobile commerce is undoubtedly contributing to its more traditional predecessor, the study also noted the significant rise of m-commerce over the past few years, with 10% now admitting to spending more than $61 (approximately £38) a month on their mobile devices. One major driver of these purchases has been the rapid growth of “second-screen activity”, with 36% making purchases whilst watching television.

Mobile web use on the rise

The status of the mobile internet as a dominating force in mobile marketing has been confirmed again by the annual Online Christmas Activity survey. New figures show a huge rise in the number of users accessing the internet via their smartphone or tablet over the Christmas holidays. In fact, use of the mobile web on Christmas Day and Boxing Day reached an all-time high in 2012, with smartphone and tablet access rising by 8% and 13% respectively.

The rise of the second-screen is thought to have been one of the driving forces behind these new numbers. Analysts noted a change in routine for most families, with television or other forms of media now acting as the main focus of the holidays. These comments were backed up by the study, which found that 42% of those connecting to the internet over the holidays did so whilst watching television. Mobile marketing experts have long noted the power of second-screen activity to drive mobile internet usage, with consumers increasingly looking to engage with television content, encouraging viewers to vote for their favourite reality TV contestants or tweet about their favourite shows.

In addition to the study’s findings on current activity, light was also shed on the future potential of mobile marketing, with 31% of respondents stating that they would be willing to engage with their mobiles more if retailers provided a smooth, seamless mobile experience.

Charities go mobile in 2013

As the first month of 2013 comes to a close, industry experts have started to predict an exciting year ahead for the use of mobile in the charitable sector. Organisations are increasingly set to look towards mobile charity solutions to boost donations and engage with their contributors.

Joe Irvin, CEO of Navca, has urged charities to “be inventive” in 2013, and find new ways to connect with potential donors in order to attract greater funding. Mobile charitable solutions are one of the best ways to do this, making it easier for the general public to donate, whilst simultaneously increasing awareness. This point was reiterated by another analyst, who predicted that charities would have to “put digital at the heart of what they do” in order to survive the coming 12 months.

A key part of this new digital strategy is set to involve social media, with 70% of small businesses and charities already having a sizeable social presence. The next challenge for charities will be turning this presence into a strategic tool as quickly as possible. Many will seek to follow in the footsteps of the Child’s I Foundation, which managed to raise an astounding £10,000 in 48 hours thanks to their social connections.

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